Sydney is a really nice city with a couple of attractions.This is what I did in sydney.

On the first day, I found out my uncle has a ps4 so I knew that sydney was gonna be a good time.Then we went to my mom’s cousins house.My mom said her cousin had a kid but when we arrived I found out that he was 5.It was a serious bummer so I went to play video games.

On the second day, we went to bondi beach and we build a huge sand castle.When we had to leave we wanted to stay for another hour.The beach could have been better if it was summer in austrilia but it was still pretty good.

On the third day,we went sight-seeing.We saw the sydney tower which was pretty tall.We also saw the Sydney harbor bridge and it was huge!.We also saw the opera house which is one of a kind.

On the last day, we went to the zoo with my moms cousin.We were petting wallabies and looking at koala’s.We even saw a wallaby with a baby!We also took a picture with a koala.

That was Sydney!


We are humans, intelligent creatures that can create various objects yet severely damage the planet.These are some improvements we should all work on.

Number one is fixing our habit of buying something that will be thrown away.The faster we can fix it, the faster we will have a cleaner planet.

Number two is clean up the new state.The new state is actually a pile of garbage that is bigger than Texas.It is definitely something we need to do.

Number three is we need to stop burning coal and shooting things. The coal is polluting the air so much that in japan you have to wear a mask.The Rockets and space ships create global warming.

I hope people can unite to clean this mess.

My Trip to the Temple.

On the trip to the temple we saw many beautiful sights. Unluckily we went on a wyndy road and so Payal vomited in nana’s bowl.

When we came to the temple we were just in time to see the monks pass. Unluckily we were 5 seconds away from giving the monks food! We still had time to eat our food.

Afterwards we went to the prayer room. When the chief monk came in, he asked whether anyone wanted to ask a question. Right then I asked him 3 questions.

The first was why are monks always bald? He answered by saying it’s part of their uniform and so they can lead a simple life. I don’t think I want to be a monk anymore!

The next question was what is Buddhism? He explained that it is a way of life, not a religion. He said it’s following Buddha’s footsteps.

The third question was why video games are so bad? I know it’s a silly question but he did answer. He said because we don’t limit ourselves to technology.

The way back felt much better than the way there. The temple refreshed my mind, soul, and heart.


Great men

Albert Einstein was a great man because he invented and discovered many things but he is mostly known for his discovery of relativity and E=mc2.There was also Mohandas Gandhi is known for leading a peaceful protest against Great Britain.Isaac Newton was the Einstein of his time.They are all brilliant men and I hope that one day I will be like them.

#10 post

Thank u everyone who has read my blog posts 😁.This is the tenth blog I’ve posted and I’m very excited to know whether you would all like me to post more.

Thank you!         😎🤩😎



Meditation is a state of a calm mind.

It is when you are focused on only one thing and when                                                 your mind will not drift away.

Mediation is the way you achieve enlightenment.


Right now I feel like either the world is my home or I have no home.I feel like that because I’ve been traveling for a bit now and I still have a bit longer to go.Traveling for long time period’s makes some people feel like they either have the world as a home or they have no home.

My plan as a inventor

My plan as an inventor is to make a hover-car.I have planned it all out.I’m going to make the wheels flat.Then the inside of the wheels are going to rotate.The outside of the wheels are going to be half negative and half positive, the roads will be negative. The negative side will face the roads and when you want to stop, just pull the lever to parking and the negative side of the wheel switches to the positive side.I now have 2 ways to make it hover.I can also add the same to the top.The finished product will look kind of like this sketch I made.image.jpg